Cecina (LI)

For Information: +39 328 0178687

Piombino (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710272

Coffee-shop serving fresh made sandwiches, breakfasts, lunches and aperitifs; open daily from 06:00 until 21:00, Saturdays and Sundays our delicious breakfasts can be enjoyed from 03:00 am! Come try our interactive sandwich:unique, unequalled and made as you want it! Delight you palate with our fresh baked sweet buns!

If you are looking for a quiet place and privacy, our small vip lounge is the perfect choice; free wifi across the whole venue. Our staff will be pleased to satisfy all your needs!

Cecina (LI)
Cecina (LI)
Rosignano Marittimo (LI)

For Information and Reservation: +39 0586 1710406

Located in Rosignano Marittimo, “Caffè Carducci” coffee shop is a cute shop with a quiet atmosphere: the ideal choice to enjoy your breakfast with assorted croissants with  vegans options, tasty, quick lunches, large salads, cold platters, fancy aperitifs with the best wines and sparkling wines.

Castiglioncello (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710391

When entering the venue for the first time, visitors are inevitably impressed by the sober elegance of the place, the large wainscoating creates a retro, almost cinematographic atmosphere. Indeed, in the sixties the coffee shop hosted a very popular Italian movie, directed by Dino Risi: “Il Sorpasso” (“the overtaking”). At that time Castiglioncello was a very trendy holiday resort for famous and cultured people. The venue was established in 1946 but changed its name into the current one only in the mid eighties. Coffee shop, restaurant, wine bar, confectioner’s shop and catering: still today, caffè Ginori is a point of reference, a place to live for any occasion, from breakfast to dinner.

Cecina (LI)

For Information: +39 347 0328639

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 7:30 am- 09:00 pm (during the summer 7:30 am- 00:00 am);

Sundays and festivities 02:30 pm- 09:00 pm

Since its opening in May 2010 our coffee bar and jazz bookshop has always been a pleasurable meeting place for anytime of the day. Indeed, from the early morning we delight your palate with our French croissants and a wide choice of handmade pastries, as well as our fine salty dairy and vegetarian bakery: everything produced with the hightest quality ingredients. You will also enjoy our 5 different selected mono origin Arabica 100% fresh grinded coffee varieties,  90 varieties of leafy tea, our homemade hot chocolate and  our fresh fruit/veggie juices. Everything served at the counter or comfortably at your table in the room close to the bookshop or in the outside terrace, where you can enjoy the mulberry tree shade. During the whole day we also serve fresh cooked meals and tasty sandwiches.Indeed our coffee bar joins our passion for excellent espressos with the relaxing tasting of a flavory tea to enjoy with a friend or a good book.

In the evening aperitif you will find a wide range of sparkling, local and foreign wines plus the most popular drinks, especially after dinner.

In the reading room, with our selected travel and cuisine/ wine books you will free your mind from the frenetic routine and perhaps dream about your next holiday.

All year around new books' introductions and conferences take place; we also host two important jazz festivals,one in winter and one in the summer,with national and international musicians.

Dan Kafé harmonious and joyful atmosphere will share with you its passion for literature and the delightfulness of selected products while listening to good jazz music!

Cecina (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710277

Open daily from Monday to Sunday from 6.00 until 21.30

La Dolce Vita is a pastry shop and cafeteria where every day you can taste delicious  Neapolitan "babà" (rum babas), baked "bignè"(filled chioux pastry) "bomboloni" (filled doughnuts) "saccottini" (filled yeasted dough), croissants, but also biscuits, "savoiardi" and much more. 

In our cafeteria you can enjoy tasty appetizers with fancy cocktails, wines, national and international beers.

At Dolce Vita we know that celebrations of all kinds are very important to your family, your team, your friends and co-workers. We are dedicated to making your celebration cake a one of a kind art piece that looks fabulous and tastes simply delicious! The next time you have something amazing to celebrate, give La Dolce Vita a call… we will put the icing on the cake! 

Cecina (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710273

Cecina (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710279

We are open daily from 7:00 am until 20:00

Our cake shop located in Vallescaja shopping centre awaits you with top quality handcrafted pastries and cakes. Every morning fresh home-made huge brioches with nutella filling, puff pastry buns, rolls, sandwiches, filled schiacciatine, petit fours, cream puffs, sfogliatelle filled with nutella, Sicilian cannolis, almond paste. We also make liquor free sponge cakes with sour cream that even your children will love, fresh fruit tarts, chocolate- flavoured zuccotto and unforgettable meringue pies!!  The shop's lab is visible, so you can see our pastry chef at work. 

The quite atmosphere of our spacious lounge awaits you to let you enjoy our specialities and a cup of tea. Free parking area. Our friendly staff is at your disposal; we cater for birthdays and ceremonies.

Cecina (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710280


Monday to Sunday from 11:30 until 00:00 am;


Monday to Friday and Sunday from 11:30 until 20:00; Saturday from 11:30 until 21:30.

Artisanal ice cream shop open throughout the year and offering a wide choice of flavours, from classic to gluten free ones, vegan and low in calories.

Bibbona (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710281

Our ten-year experience and the use of top quality ingredients guarantees the excellence of our products: our delicious ice-cream is greatly appreciated from the inhabitants of Marina di Bibbona; you will also find a wide choice of pastries and cakes that can be customized for every occasion; colombe, chocolate eggs and panettoni, as well as the typical Tuscan panforte, cantuccini, cavallucci and ricciarelli. Our wine shop offers a great selection of fine wines and sought-after liquors, such as the rare cider. The best choice at reasonable prices. Not to forget our young and friendly staff, which is always at your service.

San Vincenzo (LI)

For Information: +39 0586 1710283

Cecina (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710284

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 7:00 - 19:30; Saturday 7:00 - 12:30

Closed on Sundays

La Sosta coffee shop awaits you for lunch from Monday to Friday with dishes made from scratch; tobacconist, gasoline and lpg station, car wash; the venue is comfortably situated in front of the tourist information office.

Bibbona (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710286

Le Chicche was established in 1953. Our longevity has no secrets. If you come and visit us, you will immediately understand what does our magical formula consist of: passion for work, utmost attention to the customer’s needs, kindness and high quality products. These values have allowed us to become a point of reference to locals and to those people who regularly travel along northern Aurelia road to La California.

Here you will find answers to all your palate’s desires: since the very starting of our business we have been making bread, from the Tuscan variety to special ones such as the “cavallo” and the innovative“paillasse”.Every day including Sunday you will find fresh baked bread and a wide choice of salty buns for your lunch or break, tasty homemade sandwiches, pizza (takeaway option available), focaccia, our famous “schiaccia alla pala” (oven baked Tuscan flatbread) and “torta di ceci” (traditional local chickpea flour pancake). Besides, homemade croissants, sweet tarts or innovative Sicilian creations, typical Tuscan cakes such as “cantuccini” almond cookies, sweet salame, artisanal “colombe” and “schiacciate” in Easter, panettoni and pandori.

With pleasure we accept cake orders and reservations for your celebrations!

Le Chicche is primarilt a coffee shop: to us coffee is an inalienable pleasure, that is why here you will find only high-quality coffee,  skillfully prepared for  your  enjoyment. Our staff has been trained at Illy Caffé University in Trieste, in order to offer you perfect expresso and cappuccino! Our shop is also Illy official retailer, selling coffee machines and capsules of the famous brand.

We will be glad to welcome you with our kindness and best products in 16 Via Aurelia Nord, La California hamlet, Bibbona.

Facebook page: Le Chicche