Castagneto Carducci (LI)

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Aia Vecchia is the name of an old building (today is the company’s headquarter) situated in the Tuscan countryside, between Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci and close to the Tyrrhenian coast. 48 ha of the total property’s surface (69 ha) host vines, 30 of which belong to DOC Bolgheri. There we grow Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit-Verdot and Sangiovese to produce Lagone and Sor Ugo.

Our cellar is located in Castagneto Carducci and hosts 2000 barriques. The Morellino di Scansano and Vermentino are produced in our farm in Magliano (Grosseto province), with its 10 ha where Sangiovese, Merlot and Vermentino are grown. Our company also owns Merlot and Cabernet vineyards on the charming hills of Bibbona, a municipality that borders Bolgheri: a new and interesting area from the oenological point of view, thanks to its favourable and peculiar pedoclimatic conditions.

Piombino (LI)

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Diadèma is the name of a artisan laboratory based in Piombino (Tuscany, Italy), where precious cosmetic products and perfumes are prepared on a small scale. The creation of each products, accurately detailed just like a piece of jewelry, is based on original and unique formulas; selected raw materials blend with the fragrances of the Tuscan coastal area. The idea behind this project came to life 5 years ago and it was two pharmacists (together both professionally and in their private lives), Marta Pierini e Pier Luigi Salvi, who started it. They do their job putting all their love into it and every product in the Diadema range reflects this. Craftsmanship, as a concept to be preserved, is the mission of this business so that each and every product is exclusive and of a higher quality. Moreover, in 2013 they started a collection called "Il Podere degli Affitti", which connects the past to the present where the raw materials, coming from the family's country estate, give life to a range of products that are completely natural called "Alla ricerca dei profumi perduti..."

Diadema's lavander, planted and grown by grandpa Ivo Pierini, gives a sense of continuity to something that Marta and Pier Luigi have always done with dedication and love. If you visit Diadema's stores in Piombino and San Vincenzo you will discover face and body products as well an extraordinary "walk" through a scented heaven so that your house will experience the fragrances of this wonderful land. Diadema, a scented thought that you can bring within your heart and that you can give as a present.

Castagneto Carducci (LI)

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Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday and from Thursday to Saturday: 9:30 -13:00; 17:00 – 20:30

Wednesday: 9:30 – 13:00; from 15th June to 15th July we will be open also from 17:00 until 20:30

Sunday: closed;  from 15th June to 15th September we will be open from 10:00 until 13:00

Sale and tasting of wines from Bolgheri, paired to small chopping boards serving mixed cold cuts and local cheese. Sale of a diverse  portfolio of  bulk wines to fulfill all of your quality and volume requirements; sale of our own locally produced extra virgin olive oil. 

Cecina (LI)

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Our agricultural holding is situated in Via Volterra 12/A, in La Cinquantina locality, in front of Marina di Cecina's small harbour.

The direct sale was born in 2012 and offers to customers a wide range of local and genuine products, grown with committment and enthusiasm by the owner Mennato Esposito.

Here you can find only seasonal fruit and vegetables because we want to offer you the freshest and healthiest products!

Bibbona (LI)

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Our farm is located in the hills that surround Bibbona, close to Magona Mediterranean maquis" where, for generations, we have been growing our plants according to the traditional local techniques and respecting their environmental cycles.

In the hilly areas of our property we grow olive trees, fruit, legumes and cereal grains, whereas the flat area which is close to Bolgheri is meant to the cultivation, processing and sale of vegetables.

For years we have been dedicating ourselves to them, from the sowing to preservation, which is carried out without artificial colorings and above all by following traditional production methods and genuine Tuscan recipes: the processing and packaging are done manually in order to preserve the products’ taste and nutritional value.

Cecina (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710421

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am until 13:00; Friday and Saturday afternoon from 17:00 until 20:00

Gli Gnocchi di Clara is a small home made fresh pasta producer with its own shop just few steps from Cecina center. We produce also bio certified fresh pasta by the use of organic flours from ancient grains, spelt pasta and vegan filled pasta, with the finest ingredients provided by local companies.Our committment is offering you always delicious, healthy and easily digestible products.

Rosignano Marittimo (LI)

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The Rocchiccioli family comes from generations of transhumance herders who bred their animals in the Garfagnana mountains. It has been living in northern Maremma for over 100 years, on the Tyrrhenian coast; 40 years ago, its third generation founded La Torre agricultural holding, which since then has been selling its own produce (VEGETABLE, FRUIT, OIL, PROCESSED PRODUCTS) directly at their farm.

In our shop you will find local, high quality products such as vegetables and fruit, all of them in season and grown in full respect of Tuscan tradition.

Our farm also owns a small oil mill where our olives are processed for a short time by means of cool pressing, in order to ensure the production of fine extra virgin oil.

San Vincenzo (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710215

The “pastificio Gelli” is a small company which produces  handcrafted traditional dry pasta according to the Italian and Tuscan tradition, such as “pici”, spaghetti and “pappardelle”. All our pasta is rigorously craft produced in order to respect the peculiarity of every regional variety. The artisanal extrusion of our pasta through bronze dies creates a rough, porous surface, which toghether with a very slow drying process at low temperature (approximately 40-44 hours under 45° C) ensures the unaltered nutritional properties of our durum wheat, which comes from the Pisan hills: 100% Tuscan Pasta from grains which are grown in Santa Luce, milled in Calenzano (Florence) and manufactured in San Vincenzo, in line with a short production chain which is entirely Tuscan.

Casale Marittimo (PI)

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In 1846 Antonio Morelli, my ancestor, wrote to his son about the purchase of the farm: “It has costed me 100 scudi. This place can be regarded as Casale’s paradise”.

In 2009 Cesare Diddi Mussi was 19 years old and had got his secondary school diploma. He moved to his family’s farmhouse and specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oil. The property grew and reached 30 ha. The olive trees belong to Tuscan varieties: Moraiolo, Leccino, leccio del corno, Maurino, Frantoio Pendolino and Lazzero, from which two oils are gathered:the classic blend  of all the olive types, characterized by a fresh, balanced taste which reminds of artichoke and tomato leaf; the monocultivar Lazzero, endemic to Casale Marittimo, with a definitely more intense taste than the former. Lazzero is a very peculiar oil and its tree is particularly delicate, for its more likely to be attacked from the olive fruit fly.Its harvest occurs earlier than other varieties. As a result, as the olives do not reach the full ripeness the production is lower than the one carried out for other varieties, but Lazzaro’s taste is more intense and fragrant, reminding of artichoke and aromatic herbs. The harvest is carried out mechanically, with the most modern machinery.Olives are milled at the end of every day, in order to preserve the oil’s chemical and organoleptic properties.Afterwards the oil is filtered within one week, in order to eliminate the impurities which could alter its taste, fragrance and speed up its aging. By the end of 2018 a tasting lounge with an olive mill and a bottling line will be created. Indeed our aim is to offer the visitors the opportunity to feel involved in all the phases of the production.

Cecina (LI)

Come and visit us in our sale points:

CECINA - Via Pietro Gori, 2

SAN VINCENZO - Via del Castelluccio, 44

PIOMBINO - Via Anita Garibaldi, 81/A

Sale of bulk and bottled wine, craft beer, liqueurs and spirits.

Born from the 20 years old experience of two big Tuscan companies, Super&Tuscans wine shops have succeeded in matching bulk wine with the elegance of bottled wines from the best Italian producers,which have been carefully selected for you. Our friendly staff will serve you with kindness and attention to your needs.

Cecina (LI)

For Information: +39 0586 620678

“Tuscany corner shop” is located in Piazza Sant'Andrea, 6 Marina di Cecina

A place dedicated to our partner companies, where you can purchase km 0 products such as wine, olive oil, jam and much more.

Come visit us!

Bibbona (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710132

The main production of the company is the extra virgin olive oil. The olives harvesting by hand every year begins in early October. We're proud of our quality, also recognized by Slow Food. For the family and the tourist consumpion, we also cultivate season's vegetables and we breed hens. From 2013 the company is working on the cultivation of the Loofah, to obtain essential oils of various properties.

We're waiting you in this little paradise!!!