Thermal baths and wellness

Your relaxation experience on the Etruscan coast.

Close your eyes and enjoy a break from the hectic pace of everyday life. You are in the heart of the Etruscan coast, between Sassetta and Venturina Terme, surrounded by the embrace of the thermal springs and luxuriant nature.
Rich in sulfur,alkali and clay, this thermal water is known since antiquity and its spring is located in an idyllic place for a regenerating holiday.

Cecina (LI)

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In the world of “GOODLIFE”everything has been conceived for body care and esthetics: here every customer is pampered and assisted throughout their stay. Thanks to its most modern equipment and qualified staff, GOODLIFE is able to offer all kinds of esthetic treatments which ensure evident and long-lasting results.

Come discover all our services:


The heaven of peace you have always been dreaming of: the relaxation area offers a concept of wellbeing based on quietness and lack of tension, which is ideal to allow your regenerate your spirit.


You can choose among plenty of facial and body treatments, which are customized from our staff after a thorough multi sensorial check-up.


A range of treatments of proven effectiveness from ancient oriental traditions, combined with the latest occidental knowledge related to psychosomatic bodywork. We aim to offer a top quality service where every single treatment has been adjusted to the customer’s specific needs and sensitivity.


Enter the temple of wellbeing while floating on the water and following the pace of your breathing. The fragrance of scents and a bath made of lights and colours is adapted to your needs to help you restore your daily wellbeing.



At BWELL you will find the new white light tanning lamps for the most safe, natural and satisfactory result with the least time of exposure. Biosolarium is an open-space cabin which offers the utmost comfort and relaxation.


The Gyrotonic Exspansion System is a training method developed by Juliu Horvarth based on yoga, thai-chi, swimming and soft exercise for functional and integrated muscles. It acts on the joints and muscles through three-dimensional, spherical and rhythmic movements,so that the entire body is activated. Our professional physiotherapy unit is meant to patients with locomotor system functional disorders and relies on highly qualified staff as well as the most modern equipment.


A pleasant and funny way to do sport!

High calorie consumption (from 400 to 800 kcal)

Promotes slimming

Tonifies muscles  

The difference with other activities  with isotonic machines is the fact the excercises are carried out in the standing position.


Flat belly in a short time and i a natural way? Now it is possible! You can lose up to 8 cm of belly fat in just 4 weeks!  This modern patented slimming method focuses on localized slimming. It stimulates fat consumption around your waist and tonifies tissues.

Campiglia Marittima (LI)

For Reservations: - 335 7591365

Cecina (LI)

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Our physiotherapy centre L.E.M. Is located in Cecina, where It was founded in 1998. Our experienced, enthusiast and and friendly team will provide you with the most attentive assistance.

Our specialties:

- Pre and post operative rehabilitation for knee and shoulder arthroscopy

- Rehabilitation after ACL knee reconstruction

- Rehabilitation after knee and hip arthroplasty

- Traumatology

- Neurological rehabilitation

- Hand rehabilitation and tailor made braces

- Osteopathy

- Cranium-sacral therapy

- Postural re-education with Mézières method

- Postural training

- Bench fit


-  Tecar therapy

- Iontophoresis

- Ultrasound

- Tens therapy

- Muscular electrostimulation

- Traction therapy

- Bandaging

- Neuro-Muscular taping

- Orthopedic rehabilitation

- Scoliosis and vertebral disorders' re-education

- Massage therapy

- Decontracting massage

- Connective tissue massage

Cecina (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710179

Opening hours:

Tue - Fri 8:30 - 20:00

Sat 8:00-14:00

Flexy Beauty & Relax as been established for over 20 years and is committed to providing expert advice and treatments for all your wellness and beauty requirements in a dynamic environment. Latest technology is offered in conjunction with the dexterity of our beauticians and application of cosmetic products: traditional esthetique, slimming treatments, nail art and much more...

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Castagneto Carducci (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0565 744300

The beauty salon “Estetica Gabry” offers a full range of treatments to delight you with the ultimate sensory experiences that promote your   relaxation, radiance and well-being: anti aging products, weight loss and slimming treatments, aromatherapy, relaxing massages, facial treatments, hair  removal and electrolysis. Our “dream body” program slims, tones and drains away excess fluid, whereas “energy body” speeds up your metabolism  and thanks to its deep heat it ensures real and long-term localized fat loss. 

Aromatherapy and mud therapy with steam bath will let you recover your psychophysical balance.Techniques such as the stone massage, osmas treatment against orange peel skin, a special massage to reactivate your metabolism, the biorythmic massage,the adermosonic ultrasound deep massage and the anti-stress massage will help you look good and feel great.

Every treatment is customized according to your special requirements and needs.

Sassetta (LI)

For Reservations: - 335 7591365

Riparbella (PI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 698111

Opening hours: 

Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 until 13:00 and from 15:00 until 19:00

Saturdays from 9:00 until 13:00 and from 14:00 until 18:00.

Reservation required

Closing days: Sunday and Monday

The beauty salon “Lara Centro estetico” was established in 1991 and since then it has been consolidating its experience and reliability, with the belief that know-how and professionalism are essential in our activity.

Lara and her assistant will take care of you: comfortable tanning cabins, air conditioning, heated loungers and most hygienic care for your relaxation and well-being. 

Those who address themselves to Lara Centro estetico intend to find a solution to an esthetic problem and place their trust in caring and professional hands, which know how to make you look like you've always dreamed of.

Semi-Permanent Makeup:

Our salon specializes in this treatment, which it has been offering since 1994 and it uses Biotek products: a leading company in the make-up industry.


Great importance and know-how is given to professional makeup: Lara has worked several times for the prestigious Silence theatre (“Teatro del silenzio”), whose president of honor is Andrea Bocelli. She offers personalized corrective makeup solutions for special events and celebrations by collaborating with Pascal, an established makeup company from Florence: eyebrow shaping treatment and individual makeup lessons to help you enhance your natural beauty every day.


The health of your hands and nails is paramount: Laura will evaluate with you the solution that most suits you such as nail reconstruction, nail-art, permanent nail polish, nail care, manicure etc.


The philosophy of our beauty salon is your well-being, so how could we forget the importance of cosmetic care of the feet ant toenails? Lara's competence and experience are at your service, which includes nail reconstruction with specially formulated resins.

Traditional Treatments:


Eyebrow tint

Facial-body peeling

Facial treatments: anti-aging, purifying, couperose skin care

Body treatments: relaxation massages, drainage massage, anti-cellulite massage,slimming massages, toning massages, done manually or with electric lipolysis; body analysis with impendence meter.

Customized Treatments:

Our beauty salon is licensed Pascal, Vagheggi and Cuccio dealer.

Bibbona (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710141

The Wellness Centre Marinetta offers an oasis of relax, with its 300 sqm of total wellness to regenerate body and mind, wrapped in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, furnished with care for the details: always fresh flowers, soft background music, perfumed towels and aromatic candles.

The wellbeing centre includes :

Swimming pool with hydromassage

Two emotional showers


Tepidarium and calidarium

Relax area with herbal teas available

Cabins for massages.

Kids' wellness: wellness treatments for children from 9 years of age accompanied by one adult under reserved time slot.

Cecina (LI)

For Information and Reservations: +39 0586 1710442

In our everyday life, dominated by the stress, there isn't a space to pamper yourself and free your mind.

With our beauty centre, we offer you the possibility to rediscover your inner balance.

This is the perfect place to recover the strenght of the soul and to relax yourself.

We offer beauty treatments: hair removal for women and mennails reconstructionfacial cleansingpedicure and single massages on heated massage table.