Who we are

Tourism should be the driving force behind other sectors in an area that visitors like and which has strong entrepreneurship. 
From this fact came the idea of starting a profitable and productive strategy for our area. Following a very detailed analysis of the sector, we at ITOUCHH&TOUR, realized that our tourism-accommodation potential should be exploited to the full through a business plan able to bring benefits to the local economy by creating a project to make the capacity to attract tourism more effective. 
In 2014 Visit Costa degli Etruschi was created as our visiting card for anyone who wants to discover the beauty of the Etruscan Coast.

Visit Costa degli Etruschi is owned by ITOUCH&TOUR s.r.l., a tourism promotion and information company that has been working for many years on improving local services, developing tourism-related businesses and ensuring pleasant and prolonged stays, and so significant opportunities for local businesses as a whole and increased business for individuals participating in the project.

ITOUCH&TOUR's priority goal is to satisfy citizens, tourists and operators, promote wider awareness of our area and generate reservations, and be present on the web and social media in order to promote tourism competitiveness. All this also with the help of Etrusca TV, the new television station broadcasting in Tuscany on digital terrestrial television channel 681.